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Members get a minimum of £225 back when they buy a Funeral Plan - Until 31st July

As a Co-op Member you get 5% back for you and another 1% for your community when you arrange and pay for a funeral or buy a Funeral Plan with us. And until 31st July 2017 we guarantee that the 5% you get back will be at least £225 when you buy a Funeral Plan. You can spend this next time you shop with us or save it to spend whenever you want.

5% for you, 1% for your community5% for you,1% for your community

Every time you choose selected Co-op branded products and services from everyday things like buying a loaf, to bigger things like making a Will or planning a funeral - both you and your community will benefit.

How it works

5% for you

We’ll put 5% of what you spend into your Co-op Membership account.

You can spend this next time you buy from us or save it to spend whenever you want.

1% for your community

We’ll also give another 1% to your community.

You can choose where this goes to from a number of local causes. 

Get involved

Have your say in how we work.


 Member benefits

What does this mean at Funeralcare?

If you pay for a funeral with us

Use your Co-op Membership card to earn 5% for you, and 1% for your community.

If you buy a Co-op Funeral Plan

Use your Co-op Membership card to earn 5% for you, or £225 (whichever is greater) and 1% for your community.

If you're unsure of what this means for you, contact a member of our team on:

0800 088 4883 or take a look at our Membership Terms and Conditions.

What do I earn my 5% and 1% on?

Members earn 5% and 1% on:
  • Our funeral services (as long as whoever's paying for the funeral was a Member when the person whose funeral it is died)
  • Pre-paid Funeral Plans
  • Some products and services including memorial masonry

We'll tell you if you'll get 5% and 1% before you buy. You'll need to show your Membership card when you buy.

You won't earn 5% and 1% on:
  • Any fees we pay to other people for you (for example, cemetery fees, church fees, cremation fees, doctors’ fees etc.)
  • Any Pre-paid Funeral Plan you’re paying for on Fixed Monthly Payments, underwritten by a third party

Share of the profits

You’ll still earn a share of our profits and share in our success, just like you always have.

When there’s a profit left over after we’ve reinvested in our business, you may be eligible for a dividend.

Please note

Exclusions and restrictions apply. See membership t&cs at Offer not available in independent societies including Midcounties, Central England, Southern or Chelmsford Star co-operatives.