The selection of a coffin

We supply a wide range of coffins, from the most simple to the truly elaborate, suitable for burial or cremation. We recognise that for some people choosing a coffin may be distressing, but it would be inappropriate for us to make that decision for you.

We are trained to deal sensitively with this part of arranging the funeral and are on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you may have, to help you make the choice.

Please note a separate range is available in Northern Ireland. Contact us for more information

Enquire about our coffins

Your local Funeral Director will be able to talk you through the range they offer in detail.

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  • Bamboo_coffin_295x165_coop.jpg

    Bamboo coffin

    A traditionally shaped bio-degradeable coffin manufactured by hand using woven bamboo. Available in traditional shape only.

  • Banana-Leaf_Coffin_295x165_coop.jpg

    Banana Leaf coffin

    100% natural and bio-degradable, the banana leaves are removed from the banana plant after fruiting, woven into a rope and then delicately hand woven around a sturdy timber frame. Available in traditional shape only.

  • Brown_Cardboard_Coffin_295x165_coop.jpg

    Brown Cardboard coffin

    Sturdy coffins made from bio-degradable cardboard, from at least 70% post consumer waste, sourced from British mills.

  • grey_coffin_295x165.jpg

    Grey Wool coffin

    Hand-made and assembled in Yorkshire using 100% Pure New British Wool supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame.

  • HARVEST OAK thumbnail_295x165.jpg

    Harvest Oak casket

    Solid Oak casket with tan crepe interior, with wheat motif detail.

  • Landscape_picture_coffin_295x165_coop.jpg

    Landscaped Picture coffin

    Picture coffins are manufactured using bio-degradable materials, with images printed on to paper which is wrapped and bonded on to the coffin. You can choose from a range of designs or provide your own image, please speak to your local funeral home.

Showing 1-6 of 24 results View All

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